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Dear Guest

I am the proprietor of the Hotel Palazzo dal Borgo, located in the homonymous renaissance building built in 1480. The hotel, which became my home when I was a small child, has belonged to my family since 1950.

In Florence there are more than 600 hotels. To suite all tastes and all budgets.

Ours is among the oldest ones, the ones situated in the historical center which have laid the foundation for Florence’s tradition of hospitality.

The hotels whose ownership and the staff do not change enabling us to cater to the special requests and whims of our clients who become more than simple paying guests. Many of you will remember “A room with a view” which depicts exactly this type of hotel.

Our aim is to help the visitor to understand Florence and what this city has brought to the culture and history of mankind. For this reason we offer our guests the evening lecture on Art and History of Florence presented by a Professor of Florence University. And this is also the reason we have sponsored the restoration of the Cappella Brancacci where one can admire the beautiful frescoes by Masaccio and Masolino.

I love this city above all things. I have written a book “Cuore di Carta” (Paper Heart), which is about this special love, in which I write:” …for to be florentine is something that comes from within. It is a sense that is born out of grace and measure . It is a sense you can be born with and are totally unaware of until, on discovering Florence, it all suddenly becomes very clear and that’s when you realize that Florence is the only place where you could possibly live”. Wherever in the world you may come from this is something that will happen to you too, you will fall in love with “my Florence”.

So let me have the pleasure to help you become florentine, even if only for a few days.